Some Advantages of the Online Ticket Booking Facility
13.03.2014 11:48

                                       Online Ticket Booking | Image Resource : wikipedia.com

Today, more and more people are opting for travel by air due to the convenience and the lesser time taken in reaching the destination. Added to this is the online ticket booking option, Which makes it Easier for the customers to book tickets From Their office or home.

There are several advantages When people reserve the tickets online. For one, it Enables them to compare the price of the tickets on the Following basis-the airline, the date, the class of travel and the time of travel. The ticket prices fluctuate from time to time and it gives to opportunity for the passengers to keep Themselves updated about the best and lucrative offers did come Their way.

The passengers do not have to travel all the way to the office of the travel agents or wait in queues at the airport for getting a ticket. With a laptop and internet connection to, They can book the tickets online, pay for the same With Their credit card or debit card through a secured gateway and make changes to the bookings, if needed.

Some airlines allow the passengers to pre-select the meals and choose Their seats online while making a web check-in. More Over, They Do not have to carry a physical copy of the ticket. With the online ticket booking facility, the passengers can get confirmation mail or On Their Their mobile phones. The passengers can get the details of the services thatthey can get on-board the flight, at the airports, pre-book a cab or book a hotel - all thesis online! 


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